Residential Services

Our residential services were designed to exceed the expectations of the demanding custom residential market and builder of our North Texas region. PremRock has always exceeded in helping to create some of the most difficult architectural details and finishes for our regions knowledgable customers. And because of our demanding architectural details and finishes, our residential drywall services are limited to the custom building market. Give us a call or email us today to have us provide you a quote for your next project.

Here a few of the many specialty turnkey services we provide.

• Drywall hang, tape and bedding and finishing

• Glue and screw only installation of drywall

• Level 4 and 5 finishes

• Interior veneer and venetian plaster wall finishes

• Specialty hand trowel finishes

• Architectural reveals

• Specialty ceiling work (dome and groin vaults)

• Drywall and acoustical ceiling grid assemblies

• Sound rated assemblies

• Mud-in grill, light and speaker finishing

• Light gauge residential metal framing

Drywall hanging and finishing

Incorporating the most talented and experience drywall wall finishers and installers with our seasoned project managers, PremRock has proven to be the leader for turnkey drywall service in North Texas. We provide economical turnkey drywall services with quality and great attention to detail. Our top of the line installers, finishers and expert repairmen continually set the bar for quality and craftsmanship in our area.

Glue and screw installation of drywall

Quality of product has always been the most important concern for maintaining our high quality of finished product. We offer our customers the option to adhere the drywall to the stud with drywall glue which creates a better bond between the wood stud and the drywall surface which in return helps to reduce minor settlement cracks in the home and also reduce builder warranty service costs.

Drywall nail pops are very annoying problems for a builder but by fastening drywall to the stud with a screw instead of

a nail, eliminates this problem and also helps to reduce builder warranty service costs. Fastening drywall with screws

and gluing the drywall to the studs, whether its a wood stud or metal stud decreases the possibility of stress cracks

caused by movement between the stud and the surface of the drywall. Let us quote your next project to have your

drywall installed with glue and screws only.

Level 4 and 5 finishing

Because of the recent influx of people moving into our area from the east and west coasts, we have learned to adapt to

the demand for level 4 smooth finishes and level 5 slick finishes ( or as sometimes referred to as a museum finish). Our

expert drywall finishers create some of the most stunning and memorable smooth and slick finishes in the most

prominent residences in North Texas. Let us quote your next project with a level 4 smooth finish or a level 5 slick


Architectural reveals

Installing architectural reveals in North Texas homes use to be a rarity but now with the popularity of the home improvement, DYI and home design shows on television, this architectural detail has become a very popular design detail now being used in a number of home designs in our area. We have some of the most qualified architectural reveal technicians and installers in North Texas. Let us show you how we can help take your next project to the next level of quality and detail.

Specialty ceilings

Complex ceiling details are not something that has just become popular in the last few years, for over 15 years in our industry area, the top architects have been creating some of the difficult and elegant ceiling. We excel in helping create some of the most memorable ceilings from domes, groin vaults and barrel ceilings. Our expert finishers help create some of the most stunning ceilings in our area. Let us show you how we can help take your next project to the next level of perfection.

Sound rated assemblies

For several years now the introduction of media rooms and other types of game rooms have been introduced into the modern design of homes. With the introduction of these wonderful amenities into our homes, have pushed our industry to adopt new forms of sound attenuation practices and materials to reduce noise in homes. We have been one of the industry leaders introducing some of the most new and innovate sound reduction materials in drywall and drywall systems ranging from; sound resilient channels to sound absorbing clips to help reduce unwanted noise from game rooms above living spaces and media rooms. Let us help you introduce your next sound attenuation products to your next customers dream home.

Mud-in grill, light and speaker finishing details

Only within the last few years have the introduction of trim-less light fixtures (mud in light fixtures) and mud-in AC grills and mud-in or hidden audio speakers. We have some of the most experienced specialty mud-in fixture installers and finishers in our industry to perform expert installations of specialty fixtures. Let us show you how we can take your next project to the next level of construction and design.

Light gauge residential metal gauge framing

Because of the experience we have in our commercial drywall services division with light gauge metal framing, we have some of the most qualified light gauge metal framing mechanics in our industry to help frame your next metal frame residential project. Whether it be a high rise residential condominium project to a single family modern residential project, we can create the framing from ground up to the finial level 5 finish for your next project. Let us show you some how we can help you take your next high rise residential project or single family residence to the next level.